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You Heard it from a Farmer
Listen to the clips below to hear firsthand how Ohio farmers ensure excellent animal care, protect the environment, and provide a safe, wholesome food supply for Ohioans and the world.
Connie Surber
Hog farmer from Southwest Ohio
Listen to Connie explain what measures her farm has in place to protect the environment.
Additional conversation.


Lee Kohler
Dairy farmer from Baltimore, Ohio
Lee explains what steps he takes to ensure milk safety on his farm.
Additional conversation.



Dave Felumlee
Cattle farmer from Newark, Ohio
Listen to Dave explain how he cares for his cows.
Additional conversation.


Tom Stoller
Egg farmer from Van Wert, Ohio
Tom explains what it’s like working with his family on their fourth generation farm.
Additional conversation.


Denise Percival
Sheep farmer from Xenia, Ohio
Listen to Denise explain how her family works with their urban neighbors and community.
Additional conversation.


Animal Care

Environmental Responsibility

Safe Affordable Food With Kids

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