Medina County farm recognized as Neighbor of the Year

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Kruggel Farms, Inc., operated by John and Paul Kruggel and Kyle and Robert Reusch of Litchfield, has been name the Ohio Livestock Coalition's (OLC) Livestock Producer Neighbor of the Year for efforts to positively develop and enhance rural relationships and communications.

The OLC and Ohio Farm Bureau Federation (OFBF) created the neighbor award program to annually recognize livestock producers and rural residents who work hard to build bridges between neighbors in Ohio's countryside.

The OLC encourages livestock farmers and non-farming rural residents to follow "Good Neighbor" suggested practices it has developed in a positive manner that benefits rural communities and neighborhoods.

Nominated by Medina County Farm Bureau Organization Director John Fitzpatrick, Kruggel Farms has been recognized numerous times for its innovative conservation practices and use of no-till, filter strips and manure management plan. The Kruggel family also participates in a county clean stream program where they are responsible for the maintenance of more than one mile of a local stream.

The Kruggel's and Reusch's are active in recruiting neighbor children into 4-H clubs and working with the local schools and community center on a variety of projects. They invite neighbors to their farms for "special events" such as the birth of a new calf and maple sugar tapping and harvest. They also conduct training on farm practices to a local game club that hunts on the farm's properties. In addition to a host of other activities, they also give airplane tours of the area and explain the different field maintenance procedures from the air.

"Being a good neighbor means being responsible, courteous and respectful of others," OLC Executive Director Sandy Kuhn said. "Both farmers and non-farmers should take the initiative to get to know their neighbors and help speed-up the continual building of relationships. This is a win/win situation for all rural residents and country dwellers."
Kruggel Farms received a plaque, a proclamation from Gov. Ted Strickland and a $250 cash donation on their behalf to their local church's food bank, courtesy of OFBF and OLC.

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